Alloy Wheel Repair in Oldham

Alloy Wheel Repair

Oldham, sitting to the north of Greater Manchester, is home to the Grade II listed Lyceum,  Gallery Oldham and the Oldham Carnival. We’re proud to have served Oldham and its growing population for over a decade for their alloy wheel repair needs. If you live in or near Oldham and are interested in our alloy wheel repair service, you can get in touch here for a FREE quote.

We have over 20 years’ experience in alloy wheel repairs, and only use leading products and machinery to restore and fix alloy wheels across Manchester and surrounding areas.


Our alloy wheel repair service in Oldham

Our comprehensive 5-step process with restore your alloy wheels to get them looking their best again

  1. Remove the wheels from the car and the tyres from the wheel.
  2. Stripe the bare wheel down to its bare bones, making sure that all corrosion, rust and dirt are removed from the wheel.
  3. Sand down the wheel, using a sander, to ensure the wheel is super smooth.
  4. Apply the paint, starting with the base layer – typically a metallic silver or black.
  5. Allow the paint to dry, reattach the tyre to the wheel and the wheel to the car.


How long does it take to repair an alloy wheel?

An alloy wheel repair usually takes about 5 hours for us to complete. This means, in many cases, we can even have your alloy wheels repaired on the same day.


Is alloy repair or damage covered by insurance?

As with any insurance claim, any work needs to be approved by the insurer. After approval, the only cost you need to consider is the excess. To make life easier and save you time we will carry out the paperwork for you too.

Keep in mind that not all insurers will cover alloy wheel repairs – so it’s worth checking your insurance terms when considering any car repair service.

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