Car Dent Repair in Wigan

Car Dent Repair in Wigan

Wigan, the most westerly point of Greater Manchester, is home to the World Pie Eating Competition, Wigan Live Festival and many-a Northern Soul Night. We’re proud to serve Wigan and its growing population and friendly community spirit. If you’re looking for car dent repair services in Wigan, then we’re here to help with a quality service and unrivalled turnaround.   you can get in touch here for a FREE quote.

We have over 15 years’ experience in car dent repair and restoration, and only use leading products and machinery to restore and fix car dents.

Our base in the North West allows us to easily service Wigan and surrounding areas. We will initially assess the damage before deciding whether to replace the panel or simply buff-out the car dent. You can find out more about our car dent service here


Our car dent removal process

Our 5-step process will quickly and effectively remove dents – big or small – from your car. Here’s how it works:

  1. Inspect the size and depth of the damage to determine important factors, such as how long the work could take to finish and whether you require new panels to restore the vehicle.
  2. Remove the panel to see whether we need to remove and replace the panel completely or operate on the existing panel.
  3. Remove the paint and sand-down to the metal to focus on the damaged area
  4. Repair the dent using specialist equipment to pull or hammer-out the dent until it’s smoothly in-line with the rest of your car’s body work.
  5. Finally, we re-apply the paint to make sure your car is looking new once again.


How long does it take to repair a car dent?

We would have to evaluate the damage in its entirety before giving you an accurate estimate. In some cases it can take just a couple of weeks for a car dent repairs, though in other cases it can take longer.

You can get a FREE quote from us today where we’ll be able to assess the repair properly to give you an accurate timeframe.


Is car dent repair covered by my insurance?

In many cases, car dent repair is covered by insurance. But it’s always worth checking your policy first to make sure.

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