Car Restoration

Whatever type of car restoration you’d like carried out – whether to sell your car in mint condition, restore a car for sentimental reasons, or simply because it is un-drive-able without repairs – Mendadent can help.

What types of cars can Mendadent restore?

All kinds! There isn’t a single type of car we cannot work on. We have worked on SUVs, saloons, hatchbacks, sports cars, hyper-cars and even classic cars.

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    What’s involved in a car restoration?

    There are many elements that go into a restoration. Of course the extent of restoration needed is completely down to a multitude of factors: funds, car, age, internal and external damage, and so on.

    Mendadent are specialists in bodywork, so we are able to restore your vehicle’s body panels back to their original state. On top of that, you can restore virtually any part of a vehicle, from the bodywork, to the internal seating upholstery, engine, wheels, and even internals like the dashboard. Each area requires a lot of know-how and comes with its own associated costs.

    Whilst the fundamentals of car restoration are essentially the same, each area, panel and component needs slightly different treatment in order to get it back to its best. For example, a lightly scratched alloy can be treated for minor imperfections with relative ease with a simple kit, whereas a dented bumper needs to be completely removed from the vehicle, so that it can be sanded down, repainted and treated.

    How much does a car restoration cost?

    The cost of a car accident repair can vary a lot, depending on your vehicle. A simple restoration with few components may cost a few hundred, while a significant overhaul of a classic car can cost thousands. Get in touch with us and we’ll give you a quote for your car.

    Types of car restoration

    Mendadent can perform all kinds of restoration on your car, from the internal to the external, body work to dashboard.

    Leather car seat restoration

    Leather car seats can be restored, refreshed, or reupholstered entirely, depending on what state your seats are in and what kind of restoration you’d like applied.

    Car paint restoration

    Restoring your car paint couldn’t be easier. Mendadent can refresh your car paint quickly and easily, and bring your vehicle back to looking good as new thanks to a fresh paint job.

    Get in Touch

    For more information on our range of services and to make an enquiry please call us on 01942 669 212, alternatively you can email our team or simply fill in our online enquiry form.

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      Car restoration FAQ


      What is the average cost to restore a car?

      The average cost of car restoration is a little skewed, given that a full and complete restoration of an expensive classic car can cost up to £40,000! For most cars, of course, a restoration won’t cost anything near that. However, the cost can vary quite significantly, depending on your car and the restoration work you’d like done. Contact us today and we’ll give you a quote ASAP.

      Is restoring an old car worth it?

      Only you can answer that. It can be an expensive undertaking, but at the end of it you have a fresh, good-as-new classic car that’s a dream to drive and looks stunning on the road.

      Does replacing an engine devalue a car?

      It depends. In some cases, a new updated engine can in fact increase a car’s value. In others, it makes very little change. In classic cars, some people particularly value the original engine – though it may not always be the best choice  in terms of safety.

      How much does it cost to restore a rusty car?

      Again, this depends. A full restore on a significantly rusty car may reach seven figures. A light rust that needs dealing with on a newer car, on the other hand, can cost much less. Get in touch and we’ll give you a quote for your car.

      How much does a frame off restoration cost?

      This is tough to say – it’s a complicated process and the cost will vary a lot depending on the car. Get in touch with Mendadent and we’ll give you a quote.

      What does car restoration mean?

      In a nutshell, car restoration brings a car right back to its original glory. We fix any broken parts, buff out damage, refresh or replace parts that are rusty or otherwise less than perfect, and even replace or restore interiors such as the upholstery and dashboard. The result? A vehicle that looks good as new – whether it’s a refreshed car ready to be sold, a classic car that feels as good as the day it was bought, or simply a car that’s a dream to drive.