Fix Broken Car BumperPaint Scratch Removal

Car Bumper Repair

Our comprehensive car bumper repair service will restore your car bumper to its original state. Find out more about our car bumper repair service here.

Car Roof RepairCar Roof Repair Service

Roof Repairs

We can repair both soft and hard-top car roofs across a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, prestige cars and even classic cars too.

Fix Car DoorsRepair Car Doors

Door Repairs

Car door repairs are some of the most common types of repairs we handle. Bumps, scratches or dents, whatever the repair we can fix it

Repair Car AccidentsFix Car Body

Quarter Panel Repairs

Panel damage can be unsightly and ruin the appearance of a car. Our trained technicians can quickly and effectively repair your car’s panels

Fix Damaged Car SillRepair Damaged Car Sill

Sill Repairs

Urban and country driving can really put a strain on car sills and lead to unsightly scratches and damage. We will repair your car’s sills in no time

Car Body ReplacementCar Body Transformation

Car Restoration

We can repair and restore a wide variety of vehicles, including SUVs, saloons, hatchbacks, sports cars, hypercars and classic cars. We’re car repair specialists and our mechanics are trained to the highest standards for all car repairs and car parts. Find out more about our car restoration service here

Car Scratch Repair

Car Scratch Repair

We can repair deep and light car scratches alike using our on-site colour mixing station, restoring your vehicle’s original finish. We can also handle most scratch repair requests in just 1 day for a quick turnaround. You can find out more about our car scratch repair here.

Engine RepairEngine Repair

Car Detailing

We use advanced ceramic quartz coating for our car detailing service. This adds an extra layer of protection to the bodywork, offering a harder exterior that’s more resistant to scratches, UV exposure and chemicals found in rain and road salt. Find out more about our car detailing service here

Van Body RepairVan Panelling Replacement

Car Transformations

Our mechanics and technicians are trained to the highest standards and use the latest technology to transform any vehicle, including: advanced ceramic coating, low bake car ovens and our on-site car mixing room for a better finish and more protection for your vehicle.

Damaged TyresRepaired Tyres

Alloy Wheel Repair

One of the most common repairs at Mendadent is alloy wheel repairs. Whether your alloy wheel has been scratched, dented or bent, we’ll be able to restore the wheel so it’s functioning properly again. Find out more about our alloy wheel repair service here

Car Dent RepairsCar Dent Repair Service

Dent Repair

Every now and then, you may reverse in a bollard or have a collision. If your car has sustained a dent, we’ll restore it in no time

Find out more about car dent removal here

Repair Car Paintwork ScuffsRepair Scuffed Car Paintwork

Scuff Repairs

Another common car body issue are scuffs, which can ruin a car’s appearance. We’re to remove even the most stubborn scuffs using our advanced on-site technology

Accidental DamageCar Bumper Repairs

Accidental Damage Repairs

If you’ve had the misfortune of being in a car accident which has badly damaged your car, contact us and we’ll be able to sort your car and restore its natural glory

Fix Car DentsFix Car Panelling

Full Colour Changes

Changing a paint job can really transform a car’s appearance and give it a new lease of life. Using our advanced mixing station, we’ll be able to give your vehicle a face lift

Courtesy Cars and Recovery

We know how much people need their cars, which is why when we service your vehicle we can offer you a courtesy car, so you can get on with your day


We know how much people need their cars, which is why when we service your vehicle we can offer you a courtesy car, so you can get on with your day