Mobile bumper repair

Mobile bumper repair near me

Car bumpers are designed to prevent or at least reduce damage to the front or rear end of your car in the event of a collision at low speed. This means that having a functional bumper is pretty important!

If your bumper is damaged or isn’t up to the job, this is extremely dangerous both for you and for drivers around you. If you were to crash, the lack of an effective bumper would leave you and others with no shield against serious injury.

At Mendadent, we offer specialist mobile bumper repair services using advanced repair techniques to fix up damage to vehicles. Read on to find out more information about our mobile bumper repair service or you can book a repair today and we’ll send someone out to help.

What is a bumper?

A bumper is attached to the front and rear of a vehicle in order to cushion the impact in the event of a collision.

If a car hits something at a lower speed, the bumper will contain a compressive foam or plastic that is designed to soften the blow by absorbing the energy; with the aim of protecting both the vehicle, the driver and passengers inside.

Mobile Bumper Repair

Our mobile bumper repair services

At Mendandent we offer a range of high quality mobile bumper repair services to restore your car to its former glory.

Our bumper repair services include:

SMART bumper repair

Mendadent use a specialist SMART technique for car accident repairs. SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology, meaning that we may not have to replace the whole bumper in order to fix it.

By using the SMART technique, we focus on fixing the problem area rather than the whole thing and in doing so, we blend the repair into the rest of the areas so that it doesn’t stand out.

For bumper scuffs, cracks or scratches, our SMART bumper repair process means that we can come to you wherever and whenever you need us. See below for areas we cover to find out if we service in your area or book a refurbishment today.

Bumper dent repair

If your car bumper has suffered a dent, then our specialist team is on hand to help. At Mendadent, we can fix it up using professional filler and advanced repair techniques.

Depending on the severity of the dent, we should be able to have it fixed up in no time. If you’re unsure about the cost or what work needs to be done, contact us to get a quote.

Our mobile car bumper dent repair service means that we can come to you wherever and whenever you need us. See below for areas we cover to find out if we service in your area or book a bumper dent repair today.

Bumper crack repair

If your car has been involved in a minor collision, it may have cracked the bumper and this not only ruins the aesthetic but a damaged bumper can be a health and safety issue for you and others around you.

At Mendandent we can fix up bumper cracks and paint the damaged area (and match the colour using a personalised colour code) leaving the scuffs repaired and cracks invisible.

Our mobile bumper crack, dent and paint repair services means that we can come to you wherever and whenever you need us. See below for areas we cover to find out if we service in your area or book a bumper crack repair today.

Areas we cover

Based in Leigh, Mendadent offer specialist car body repair and refurbishment services to the surrounding areas of Greater Manchester.

If your area is on the list, contact us today to get a quote.

  • Manchester
  • Wigan
  • Leigh
  • Bolton
  • Salford
  • Oldham
  • Bury
  • Rochdale
  • Atherton
  • Westhoughton
  • Cuchelth
  • Lowton
Mobile Bumper Repair

Why choose Mendadent?

At Mendadent, we are a specialist automotive repair and wheel refurbishment company based in Greater Manchester. With a skilled team of professional repair technicians on hand to repair, we will refurbish and revitalise your vehicle.

We understand how stressful and frustrating it can be to deal with damage to your car; whether it be a result of vandalism or accidents on the road. We also know that sometimes it just isn’t possible to get to a service station and trying to organise for a repair can be tricky and inconvenient.

This is why at Mendadent, we offer mobile repair services at affordable rates to work around your schedule and no one else’s. If you need help, we come to you.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, premium quality car body repair or refurbishment service, contact us to get a quote or you can book a repair online.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01942 669 212 and a member of our team will be happy to advise as well as answer any queries you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mendadent can fix up minor cracks until your bumper looks brand new. If you want to find out more about our bumper crack repair service, get in touch for a quote.

Depending on the severity of the scratch or crack, broken bumpers can be fixed by filler and paint. If you’re unsure about the state of your bumper and whether it can be fixed, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to discuss things further.

Using SMART technique, we’ll have your car scratch repaired in no time, leaving it in premium condition. For more information about scratch repairs and smart repair, contact us.

We do not need to remove your damaged bumper to repair it. By using SMART technique, we can just focus on the area of damage, saving you time and money.

Following a car bumper repair, you should wait five days before washing or polishing your bumper as you will need to give the paint time to cure.

For general bumper maintenance, we recommend washing your bumper once or twice a month and using car wax for extra protection.

We will have to assess your bumper for damage as we can only fix up relatively minor damage. If you’re not sure about whether or not your bumper can be fixed, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to advise you.