Car Body Repair Services

Car body repairs

Mendadent is a specialist auto repair shop offering car body repairs and car bodywork, scratch and dent removal services and total restoration. Based in Leigh, we help customers throughout the Greater Manchester region and offer a remote repair service, allowing us to work at a time and place that conveniences you.

Alloy wheel repair

Alloy wheels can be a great aesthetic choice for a car, praised for their stylish appearance and lightweight design. When alloy wheels get scratched or damaged, this can spoil the whole aesthetic and this is why at Mendadent, we offer specialist alloy wheel repair and refurbishment.

Car accident repair

Accidents happen and if you’ve been the unfortunate victim of a car accident that has left your vehicle with minor scratches and damage, we are here to help.

Mendadent provides a specialist car accident repair service that will have your car back on the road again in no time.

Car bumper repair

Bumpers are often one of the most neglected parts of cars but are also one of the most difficult to replace if they go bust.

If your bumper has suffered a dent, scratch or minor damage, we offer a bumper repair and restoration service that will have your bumper fixed up quickly and conveniently.

Car dent removal

Car dents are extremely frustrating. Sometimes dents happen as a result of a collision or they get hit by a rogue football, either way, trying to remove them yourself can make the problem even worse.

Mendadent provides a specialist car dent removal service to restore your car to its former glory.

Car scratch repair

As careful as we try to be, cars get easily scratched up and sometimes unpredictable circumstances can mean that the aesthetic of our car is tarnished by a nasty large scratch.

At Mendadent, we operate a premium colour-mixing station facility that allows our experts to cover up any scratches and restore your vehicle to pristine condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mendadent operate a SMART car body repair service. SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology, meaning that we can fix car body damage just by focusing on the isolated area of damage. This makes repairs quicker as it is focused on one specific area rather than fixing up the whole car.

We can remove rust from the car body and using our colour-mixing station, prime and repaint the surface until it looks as good as new.

Find out more information about our restoration service here.

If you would like to find out about how much our car body repair service might cost you, you can get in touch with us to speak to our team or send us some information and get a free quote here.

In order to repair deep scratches, we will firstly clean the affected damaged area before priming, filling and repainting.

Find out more about our scratch repair service here.

When cars begin to corrode, rust holes can appear and will continue to grow if they remain untreated. If you need a hole repaired in your car and aren’t sure what needs to be done, contact us and a member of our team will be happy to advise.

As we operate a SMART repair service, we can have your car body repaired in just a few hours. Find out more information about our SMART repair service here or contact us to speak to a member of our team about a repair.