Car body repairs in Birkdale

Mendadent Car Body Repairs

Mendadent has served Birkdale for over 20 years’, providing high-quality car body repairs that customers can trust. We only use industry-leading products and machinery to make quick and effective car body repairs to restore your car’s former glory.

At Mendadent, our car body repair technicians are trained to the highest standards to fix, restore and revitalise all different types of vehicles including SUVs, sports cars, hypercars, hatchbacks and even classic cars too.

We offer the following services in Birkdale:

Car Scratch Repair

Car scratch repair in Birkdale

Mendadent are well equipped to fix all types of scratches, whether small or deep. Plus, thanks to our on-site paint mixing station, we’re able to not only fix the scratch, but also replenish the original paint job, so your car’s paintwork is fully restored and consistent throughout the bodywork.

We can repair a variety of different scratches quickly and efficiently. This includes:

– Car paint scratches

– Mobile car scratches

– Deep car scratches

– Minor car scratches

– Car window scratches

Our process for deep car scratch repairs

We have an efficient and effective process for deep car scratches that’s carried-out by our expert technicians to make sure your car is completely blemish-free. Here’s how it works:

Layer 1 – Primer – We use modern technology to apply the first layer of paint directly to the metal. We pay close attention to the make and detailing of every car to make sure it gets a bespoke treatment.

Layer 2 – Base Colour Coat – We use our on-site mixing station to match the original paintwork of the car we’re operating on.

Layer 3 – Clear Coat – The final, clear-coated catalysed enamel finish will help protect your car from UV light, which can lead to fading.

Once all three layers are applied, the scratches, dents and marks will be removed, and the car as good as new. All that is required is a little time for the work to dry out and harden.

How long does car scratch repair take?

Scratches, scuffs and scrapes can all be restored and repaired, but exactly how long it takes to repair depends on the level of damage incurred. We have our own on-site mixing stations and the latest technology, so in most cases we’ll repair the damage in just a day.

Our staff are also trained to the highest standards with the latest technology to make sure our process is efficient and quick.

How much does it cost to repair a car scratch?

Every car scratch is different, so without knowing the full details of the scratch, such as depth, length and location on the car, we can’t give you an accurate answer.

However, with some more details, we can give you a FREE estimate. Simply use our car body repair estimate tool here, and with just a bit more information we can give you a cost estimate.


Do car scratch repair pens work?

Car scratch repair pens don’t contain paint, but instead a clear lacquer. If the scratch is very superficial, small, and right on the surface, they can hide it pretty effectively – but for anything more extensive, it’s best to get professionals involved to have your car looking good as new.

Alloy wheel repair in Birkdale

Our comprehensive 5-step process will restore your alloy wheels to get them looking their best again

1. Remove the wheels from the car and the tyres from the wheel.

2. Strip the bare wheel down to its bare bones, making sure that all corrosion, rust and dirt are removed from the wheel.

3. Sand down the wheel, using a sander, to ensure the wheel is super smooth.

4. Apply the paint, starting with the base layer – typically a metallic silver or black.

5. Allow the paint to dry, reattach the tyre to the wheel and the wheel to the car.

How long does it take to repair an alloy wheel?

An alloy wheel repair usually takes about 5 hours for us to complete. This means, in many cases, we can even have your alloy wheels repaired on the same day.

Is alloy repair or damage covered by insurance?

As with any insurance claim, any work needs to be approved by the insurer. After approval, the only cost you need to consider is the excess. To make life easier and save you time we will carry out the paperwork for you too.

Keep in mind that not all insurers will cover alloy wheel repairs – so it’s worth checking your insurance terms when considering any car repair service.

How much does it cost to repair alloy wheels?

Each alloy wheel repair is different, which is why we prefer to give customers a bespoke price based on the nature of the repair and to give the best possible value.

We just need a few details from you to give you a FREE quote from the comfort of your home. Simply get in touch here to get your free estimate today.


alloy repairs Birkdale

Can you repair a cracked alloy wheel?

Cracked alloy wheels can be potentially dangerous. If gone untreated, it can lead to tyre blowout, making it incredibly difficult to drive and can cause damage to the surrounding area of the tyre.

Our expert technicians are qualified and trained to repair cracked alloy wheels to the highest standards to maintain the quality of the alloy’s aesthetics and ensure the car is safe to drive.

Can a dented alloy wheel be repaired?

Dented alloy wheels are unfortunately very common – whether you’ve hit a curb or a pothole, it’s really easy to dent an alloy wheel.

The good news is, we can repair dented alloy wheels, often with a quick and efficient turnaround to fit around your needs and schedule. Our technicians are also qualified and trained to the highest standard to fix dented alloy wheels.

Can a scratched alloy wheel be repaired?

Yes. Thankfully, a scratched alloy wheel is one of the easiest types of alloy wheel repairs. Our technicians are trained and qualified to fix any alloy wheel scratches quickly, efficiently and properly to cause minimal disturbance to your day.

Car dent repair in Birkdale

We can fix, revitalise and restore all different types of car dents for all cars, including SUVs, sports cars, hypercars, hatchbacks and even classic cars too.

We have over 20 years’ experience in car dent repair and restoration, and only use leading products and machinery to restore and fix car dents.

Our car dent removal process in Birkdale

Our 5-step process will quickly and effectively remove dents – big or small – from your car. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Inspect the size and depth of the damage to determine important factors, such as how long the work could take to finish and whether you require new panels to restore the vehicle.

Step 2 – Remove the panel to see whether we need to remove and replace the panel completely or operate on the existing panel.

Step 3 – Remove the paint and sand-down to the metal to focus on the damaged area

Step 4 – Repair the dent.using specialist equipment to pull or hammer-out the dent until it’s smoothly in-line with the rest of your car’s body work.

Step 5 – Finally, we re-apply the paint to make sure your car is looking new once again.

How long does it take to repair a car dent?

We would have to evaluate the damage in its entirety before giving you an accurate estimate. In some cases it can take just a couple of weeks for a car dent repair, though in other cases it can take longer.

You can get a FREE quote from us today where we’ll be able to assess the repair properly to give you an accurate time frame.

Is car dent repair covered by my insurance?

In many cases, car dent repair is covered by insurance. But it’s always worth checking your policy first to make sure.

Can you repair a car dent on a door?

Yes we can. However shallow or deep the dent, our expert technicians are trained to the highest standards to ensure the dent in your car door is repaired quickly and effectively.

Our technicians also have experience working on a wide range of vehicles, including hatchbacks, SUVS, sports cars and even classic cars too.


car body repair Birkdale

How much does it cost to repair a car dent?

The cost to repair a car dent varies depending on the extent of the damage. We can, however, give you a FREE estimate – all we need are a few details from you about the dent.

Visit here to get your FREE estimate

Can a car bonnet be repaired if dented?

Car bonnet dents are pretty commonplace and are often caused by objects, such as branches, falling on them or people sitting/standing on them.

Car bonnet dents can usually be fixed swiftly and effectively, and we can usually complete a car bonnet dent repair in a day to minimise impact on your lifestyle.

We use specialist equipment to ensure the dent is repaired and your car bonnet is fully restored. We always advise a professional completes the car bonnet dent repair to make sure the dent is properly fixed and doesn’t reoccur.

Do you offer paintless car dent repairs?

Yes we do and it’s a cost-effective solution to minor dents on your vehicle. This service can be carried out on-site where your car is, whether that is at work or home, instead of coming down to our garage, thanks to our mobile repair service.

Essentially we massage the dent out, using a delicate and simple technique to coax it out. That means that there is no need for panel replacement or paint stripping to restore the vehicle to its former glory.

Paint Scratch Removal

Car Bumper Repair Birkdale

We offer a full range of bumper repair services in the Birkdale. See our list of services below. Find out more about our car bumper repair service here.

– Car bumper scratch repair

– Car bumper scuff repair

– Car bumper dent repair

– Cracked car bumper repair

– Mobile car bumper repair

Our bumper repair and restoration process

Our 5-step process will restore your vehicle to its former glory. Here’s how it works:

1. Remove the bumper from the vehicle.

2. Sand the bumper down, removing all the layers of paint.

3. If there are cracks, we close and seal them using an epoxy. Or if there are dents, we will work them out and restore the bumper to its right shape.

4. Prime and re-paint the bumper, starting with the base layer – usually a metallic colour.

5. Re-fit the bumper and call the owner to let them know they can collect.

How long do bumper repairs take?

Your bumper repair will take up to 2 days to complete. This is because we apply strict quality checks to make sure your bumper is repaired and restored to the highest standards before hitting the road again.

Are bumper repairs covered by insurance?

Yes, car bumper damage is covered by insurance, but it’s worth checking your policy to see exactly what extent of damage is covered. We will still be able to carry out extensive restoration work approved by your insurance, but just remember to check the excess policy too.


car bumper repair Birkdale

Can you repair plastic car bumpers?

Yes we can. A cracked car bumper needs specialised treatment from a trained car body repair technician to be repaired properly. Repairing a cracked car bumper can requires sanding, sculpting, sealing and painting.

How much does a car bumper repair cost?

This typically depends on the extent and severity of the damage. We can give you a free estimate here, all we need are a few extra details about the damage.

Is it safe to drive with a cracked car bumper?

No it isn’t. A cracked car bumper can lead to dangerous and unexpected issues, and even minor cracked bumpers can worsen over time and end up costing you more money. We always recommend getting your car bumper repaired by a qualified and trained technician.

Does a cracked bumper need replacing?

In the majority of cases cracked bumpers will need replacing. This is to ensure that the bumper’s structure and resistance to damage is maintained and improved, which often can’t be achieved if the bumper has been cracked.

Accident Repair

Car accident repair in Birkdale

We’re car experts and enthusiasts at Mendadent and have vast amounts of experience treating and fixing all types of car accident repairs.

Here’s why you should come to Mendadent for your car accident repair:

– Over 20 years’ of experience
– The latest technology for car repairs
– On-site paint mixing station for better finishes
– Mechanics trained to the highest standards
– High attention to detail to service every type of vehicle

What cars can Mendandent repair?

We have vast experience of repairing and treating a wide range of brands and vehicles, including SUVs, sports cars, hypercars and your everyday hatchbacks. Our qualified mechanics can also service classic cars with the expert attention and detail they need.

How much will it cost to repair my car after an accident?

Because car accidents vary so much in terms of how much damage has been inflicted, we need to know more details about the extent of the damage before we can give you a quote.

You can use our handy estimate tool here, which just needs a few details about the level of damage involved and we’ll provide you with an estimate on the same day.

How long does a car accident repair take?

This very much depends on the extent of the damage and which area of the car has been damaged. Minor damage, such as scratches and small bumps can be repaired on the day you bring your vehicle, however bigger repairs can take a week or two if there has been more severe damage.

How much does car value drop after an accident?

This depends on the level of damage, some cars can be repaired after a minor collision and not see their value depreciate, especially if the damage is just superficial.

However, more serious car accident repairs can lead to the value of a car dropping quite significantly. The best way to maintain the value of your car after a car accident is to get it repaired to a high standard by sourcing a quality service.