Car Bumper Repair in Manchester

Car Bumper Repair

Manchester – the traditional home of industry in the North is now a thriving cosmopolitan hub of media, finance, sport, business and culture: home to the Manchester Science and Industry museum, Old Trafford, Arndale and the Hilton. We’re proud to be able to serve the bustling Manchester population, many of which want their car serviced and repaired in a quick and efficient way, so they can keep on and carry on. If you’re in Manchester and surrounding areas and need car bumper repair and restoration you can get in touch here for a FREE quote.

We have over 20 years’ experience in car bumper repair and restoration, and only use leading products and machinery to restore and fix car bumpers.

Our base in the North West allows us to easily service Manchester and surrounding areas. So whether you have a bumper scratch, scuff, dent or crack, we’re here to help.


Our bumper repair services in Manchester

We offer a full range of bumper repair services in the Manchester area. See our list of services below. Find out more about our car bumper repair service here.

– Car bumper scratch repair

– Car bumper scuff repair

– Car bumper dent repair

– Cracked car bumper repair

– Mobile car bumper repair


Our bumper repair and restoration process

Our 5-step process will restore your vehicle to its former glory. Here’s how it works:

  1. Remove the bumper from the vehicle.
  2. Sand the bumper down, removing all the layers of paint.
  3. If there are cracks, we close and seal them using an epoxy. Or if there are dents, we will work them out and restore the bumper to its right shape.
  4. Prime and re-paint the bumper, starting with the base layer – usually a metallic colour.
  5. Re-fit the bumper and call the owner to let them know they can collect.


How long do bumper repairs take?

Your bumper repair will take up to 2 days to complete. This is because we apply strict quality checks to make sure your bumper is repaired and restored to the highest standards before hitting the road again.


Are bumper repairs covered by insurance?

Yes, car bumper damage is covered by insurance, but it’s worth checking your policy to see exactly what extent of damage is covered. We will still be able to carry out extensive restoration work approved by your insurance, but just remember to check the excess policy too.

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