Car Scratch Repair in Manchester

Car Scratch Repair

Manchester – the traditional home of industry in the North is now a thriving cosmopolitan hub of media, finance, sport, business and culture: home to the Manchester Science and Industry museum, Old Trafford, Arndale and the Hilton. We’re proud to be able to serve the bustling Manchester population, many of which want their car serviced and repaired in a quick and efficient way, so they can keep on and carry on. If you’re in Manchester and surrounding areas and need car scratch repair services you can get in touch here for a FREE quote.

We have over 15 years’ experience in car scratch repair and only use leading products and machinery to restore and fix car scratches.

Our base in the North West allows us to easily service Manchester and surrounding areas. Whether the size of the scratch on your car, we’ll be able to fix it. And thanks to our custom made colour-mixing station, we can fix scratches faster and cheaper. Find out more about our car scratch repair service.


Car scratch repair services in Manchester

We can repair a variety of different scratches quickly and efficiently. This includes:

– Car paint scratch repair

– Mobile car scratch repair

– Deep car scratch repair

– Minor car scratch repair

– Car window scratch repair


Our process for deep car scratch repairs

We have an efficient and effective process for deep car scratches that’s carried-out by our expert technicians to make sure your car is completely blemish-free. Here’s how it works:

  1. Primer – We use modern technology to apply the first layer of paint directly to the metal. For newer cars, a thinner layer is usually thine, but for older classic vehicles we use a heavier layer to accommodate the different materials. At Mendadent, we pay close attention to the make and detailing of every car to make sure it gets a bespoke treatment.
  2. Base Colour Coat – We use our on-site mixing station to match the original paintwork of the car we’re operating on. This coat gives the vehicle its final colour, usually to a semi-gloss or metallic-like finish.
  3. Clear Coat – The final, clear-coated catalysed enamel finish will help protect your car from UV light, which can lead to fading.

Once all three layers are applied, the scratches, dents and marks will be removed, and the car as good as new. All that is required is a little time for the work to dry out and harden.


How long does car scratch repair take?

Scratches, scuffs and scrapes can all be restored and repaired, but exactly how long it takes to repair depends on the level of damage incurred. We have our own on-site mixing stations and the latest technology, so in most cases we’ll repair the damage in just a day.

Our staff are also trained to the highest standards with the latest technology to make sure our process is efficient and quick.

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